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The Ashanti or Asante state ruled parts of the area of present-day Ghana during the 18th to 19th centuries through the once powerful Ashanti Empire, which officially continued until it’s disestablishment in 1957. The original Ashanti religion is Akan which is still practiced in a few remaining shrines near Kumasi.

The shrines are the only surviving examples of traditional Asante architecture. What little is left of their original structures, built with wood, earth and stroh, is extremely vulnerable and at risk of deterioration. Thirteen of the remaining shrines are inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site as Ashanti Traditional Buildings

One of these is the Ejisu Besease Shrine and it was spatially documented by the Zamani project in 2006. 

3D model of the Besease Ashanti Shrine

Panorama Tour of Besease Ashanti Shrine

Panorama Tour of the Besease Ashanti Shrine (Kumasi)

Full dome panoramas capture a full 360-degree view from a single position. Individual full dome panoramas can be merged into a panorama tour, which allows a user to freely move from one panorama position to another.

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