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Papers and media exposure of the Zamani Project


Rüther, H., Bhurtha, R., Wessels, S, Schröder R, ‘Spatial Documentation of the Petra World Heritage Site’, in Africa Geo, 1 – 3 July 2014. 

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Rüther, H. ’An African heritage database, the virtual preservation of Africa's past’. International Archives of Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences, XXXIV. 2002


Zamani Project work on MaDiH repository: Mapping Digital Cultural Heritage in Petra, Jordan

-2019- Stream massive 3D models on the web & mobile
Capturing Reality (CR hub): Preserving Bagan temple
NAPOLITODAY: Centomila euro per la mappa 3D di Catacombe e Osservatorio: in campo gli archeologi dell'Orientale (3D documentaion of the Catacombs of Naples)
L'Orientale - Università degli studi di Napoli: Gli archeologi del Cisa per la mappatura di Catacombe e Osservatorio (3D documentaion of the Catacombs of Naples) Video clip on Facebook abou the 3D documentaion of the Catacombs of Naples

CNN: Meet the scientists immortalizing African heritage in virtual reality
Quartz Africa: Africa’s great heritage sites are being mapped out with point precision lasers
IOL: UCT project documenting historical buildings with 3D tech

City of Cape Town website:  3D Model of the Cape Town City Hall
Le Monde: Le patrimoine africain modélisé en 3D pour ne pas être oublié
LIDAR News: Laser Scanning for heritage conservation - Bagan, Myanmar

The Sudan Archaeological Research Society: The Qatari Mission for the Pyramids of Sudan – Archaeological Investigation, Conservation and Site Management at Meroe 2015/2016
LIDAR News: Rescue-Scanning in Zanzibar
City Press: Preserving Africa's great chruches 
LIDAR News: Delights and challenges when scanning in Africa - Yemrehanna Kristos
LIDAR News: Africa's other Pyramids - Meroe (Sudan)
LIDAR News: Preserving Rock Art "Virtually" - Clanwilliam dam (South Africa)
LIDAR News: The Zamani Project – Heritage documentation beyond the point cloud

Digital Meets Culture: Atlantic Slave Trade in 3D by Zamani project
Monday Paper (UCT News): Rescuing ruins with lasers
SPAR3D: 3D Heritage Models, with a Twist
Digital Meets Culture: Zamani Project: report from Meroe, Sudan
NOMAD Africa: Rising From Ruins

Cape Times: UCT team to map ancient Mideast city The "Wonderwerk Cave Research Project"
LIDAR: Modeling Wadi Farasa and Wadi Musa, Petra (pdf)
Zamani Project: Laser scanning of Petra (pdf)
Getty Conservation institute: Mapping the Valley of the Queens in Egypt
UNESCO: Siq Stability Project in the Siq, Petra 
SKIFT: Jordan Turns to UNESCO and Italy to Help Protect Petra’s Treasures
Laser Scanning Forum: Petra documentation, by the Zamani Project

Financial Mail: SA team to map Petra 
The Getty conservation Institute - website: Conservation and management of Egypt's Valley of the Queens
The Getty conservation Institute - Youtube: Conservation and management of Egypt's Valley of the Queens

Archival platform: The African Cultural Heritage Sites and Landscapes Database
Youtube: The video present the comments of the former UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan on the work of the Trust for African Rock Art, Nairobi, and the relevance of Rock Art documentation. The Principal Investigator of the Zamani Project , is shown during fieldwork with TARA in the Tassili n'Ajjer Mountaisn in Southern Algeria.

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