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The berber village in M'zien (Lemzyen) is a historical dry stone structure in the Atlas Mountains of North Africa.

The Zamani Project documented several dwellings and structures here in 2013. These include House 1 and House 2.  
The documentation was executed in co-operation with Prof Hamza Zeghlache and his team from the University of Setif, Algeria.


> South African National Research Foundation (NRF)
> The Saville Foundation

Collaborators / Partners 

> Prof. Hamza Zeghlache, University of Setif

3D model of a house 1

The 3D model shows a traditional house structure in the Berger village in Lemzyen. 

3D model of the kitchen of
house 1

3D model shows a traditional kitchen in the Berger village in Lemzyen. The roof of the model was removed.

Lalibela Panorama Tour

Panorama Tour of House 1 in M'Zien

Full dome panoramas capture a full 360-degree view from a single position. Individual full dome panoramas can be merged into a panorama tour, which allows a user to freely move from one panorama position to another.

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