The Roman town, known by its ancient Berber name Cuicul, and now referred to as Djemila after the nearby town of Djemila contains some of the best preserved Berbero-Roman monuments in North Africa.

Cuicul was founded by the Roman emperor Nerva in the first century AD, and is a fascinating example of Roman town planning adapted to a mountain location. The site is 900 metres above sea level, and situated on a rocky spur between two wadis. Djémila is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The spatial documentation of Djémila took place during two Zamani Project field campaigns in 2013 and 2014. Several structures were spatially documented, including the Baptistry, the Caracalla Gate, the Market, the temple of Septimius Severus and the Theatre. 

The documentation was executed in co-operation with Prof Hamza Zeghlache and his team from the University of Setif, Algeria.


> South African National Research Foundation (NRF)
> The Saville Foundation

Collaborators / Partners 

> Prof. Hamza Zeghlache (University of Setif)

3D model of Temple of Septimius Severus

The Septimius Severus Temple located in Djemila (Cuicul), Algeria. A UNESCO World Heritage Site.

97 laser scans were captured of this structure to create the 3D model.

3D model of the market of Djémila

72  laser scans were captured of this structure to create the 3D model.

3D model of the Arch of Caracalla

The Arch of Caracalla is a Roman triumphal arch located at Djémila in Algeria. It was built during the early 3rd century. The arch is surrounded by the monuments of the ancient city of Djémila.

3D model of the Baptistry

The circular domed structure of the baptistery is one of the earliest Christian buildings in Norther Africa. The building at Djemila is attached to thermae, a small basilica and two open courtyards. Presumably, all these spaces provided settings for rites that preceded or complemented Baptism. ca. June 1983 (

3D model of the inside of the Baptistry

The model shows the inside of the Baptistry, by creating a  section through the model.

3D model of the Theater

114  laser scans were captured of this structure to create the 3D model.

Panorama Tour

Panorama Tour of Djemila

Full dome panoramas capture a full 360-degree view from a single position. Individual full dome panoramas can be merged into a panorama tour, which allows a user to freely move from one panorama position to another.

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